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1. What is HYIP (High-yield investment program) ?

The abbreviation of HYIP means High Yield Investment Program. HYIP sites collect a capital from contributions of conventional Internet users. They paid an interest based on hourly, weekly or monthly from the users investment.

2. How HYIP can be a source of huge amount of money ?

Dealing at Forex is a common legend, but also it can be growths in new technologies, trade antiques, oil, diamonds, another energy, gambling and other high-yielding activities. But from the all online high income HYIP is very risky investment.

3. How securely money can be deposited in HYIP ?

There are various electronic payment systems in the Internet. Some of them are anonymous, and some need full or limited identification. It is also possible helps through a bank or via plastic card, if the administration of HYIP will provide that. There are many popular payment gateway in HYIP such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill, SolidTrust Pay, Payza, PayPal and others.

4. What is HYIP Monitor, why it is important ?

It’s a website, which make lists of HYIPs ranking based on new lunching HYIP information. Monitoring provide technical information about HYIPs that helps investors define the choice of HYIP investment. Moreover, monitoring shows the current payment status of the investment project and the regularity of payments. Monitoring accept complaints from investors about problems with HYIP and gives references to investors with difficult conditions. There is a voting function in the monitoring site, where every investor can leave a comment, which will see the other users of monitoring.

5. What does ‘Status’ mean in HYIP ?

PAYING: According to the top list monitors sites and positive feedback in various groups from investors for a specific Hyip project or showing payment proof from any investor that called Paying Hyip.

WAITING: New hyip listing and payment not get yet or a project just create and listing on some monitor sites without having payment proof it means waiting. No payment, no complaint it express waiting.

PROBLEM: When the condition is pause or payment delay (more than a day) without any notification from administration or we get a complaint from an investor and the information is checked and confirmed. Or Server Problem the status would be PROBLEM.

NOT PAYING: Payment Stopped or not received and does not response or mail from administration. Or we got payment complaint from an investor. After the situation we inform on social Group, Forum and chat box than the Hyip is become NOT PAYING.

6. Define Referral system and Referral commission.

Many websites using affiliate program, in HYIPs it is called Referral system. Core of the following, inviting to the HYIP new investor, you will get some percent from deposit of involved investor, this percentage is called a referral commission. Referral it is who was involved, Referrer it is who attract. Often you do not need to invest by yourself, you can earn money in HYIPs by attracting other investors. The size of the referral commission can differ from 1 to 15 percent. Referral system can have some levels, where you can get a payment not only from your referrals, but also from the referral of your referrals (such as network marketing). Referral system can be with regular payments of commission, but interest will be less than typical (such as, 0.05% daily). To attract the referrals, it is essential to use special referral link. Never use your referral link for your own registration, your deposit can be blocked.

7. Define RCB (Referral Commission Back)

Some monitors proposal to return a referral commission from HYIP, instead they are asked to vote for HYIP or give feedback on the forum. When you register using referral link from monitoring site and become his referral, you are permitted to receive from the monitoring of extra money, called RCB. In this situation, monitoring site will pay you which they earn from your deposit. This procedure is alike to the registration via your own referral link, but only in the case involving the monitoring, your deposit will not be blocked. RCB can be multiplied by the bonus factor. Such as, 200% RCB means that HYIP monitoring is ready to return double amount of referral commission.

8. What is ‘last added’ ‘fast growing’ ‘most popular’ & ‘latest SCAM’ ?

Last Added: In the last added list you get all the HYIP sites which are included recently.

Fast Growing: In the fast growing list you can get all the paying HYIP sites which are paying fast to the investors and get positive feedback from all investors.

Most Popular: Most Popular Hyips means which are staying and paying constantly for a long time.

Scam: In Latest Scam you can find those Hyips which are scammed, problem and not paying now.

9. What is a "Listing" ?

It is a service to add HYIP to the list for rating. Actually, this is the main service provided at monitoring site.

10. What is the dissimilarity between the types of payments "Manual", "Instant" and "Automatic" ?

Manual: When the administrator makes payments automatically it means Manual payments.

Instant: Instant payments means that orders of payment administered by program (site script), and produces instantly after request.

Automatic: When payment done automatically and money will automatically sent to an account called Auto payments.

11. What is meant by "Principal Return: Included in %"?

Some investment plans in HYIPs created so that a deposit is already included in the interest. That’s why, at the end of deposit term initial amount will not be returned, because it was received beside payouts.

12. How Total Return can be calculated?

As each investment growths, withdrawals are added to the BTC balance, and losses are subtracted to give the current value of the portfolio. Then, the portfolio return is just a percentage amount that measures the current value qualified to the initial investment of the portfolio.

Basically: %Return = Current Value / Initial Investment * 100.

13. Is HYIP investing safe enough?

No, it’s not. Actually, it is very highly risky to lose your full investment. If you are a beginner in HYIP investing then we recommend you to collect as much information as you can before placing your investment .You can choose a Better Monitor to start.

14. How beginners can be recommended to invest in HYIPs ?

For the beginners we always recommend to invest on 'piggy-banks' which means principal release HYIPs. Usually, principal release HYIPs minimum invest is very low, and you can withdraw your investment at any time (normally after 24 hours). Though, it doesn’t mean they are lower risky, it just mean they are less risky for the beginners. Never put all eggs in one basket. We do not suggest you to spend your money what you can't bear to lose.

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